Throwback Thursday : Mik-Mik Sweetened Milk Powder

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It’s time for another Throwback. This time, I’ll feature another popular Pinoy snack that will surely bring your childhood back. Remember the Mik-Mik Sweetened Milk Powder? This is one of those nostalgic kiddie snacks from the 90’s which is basically a powdered milk in small sachets and usually eaten by straws. They also got this unforgettable slogan ” Mapapaubo Ka Sa Sarap”
P4070916 Mik-Mik is one of the confectionery products by Jocker’s Foods Industries along with other popular products like Sugo Peanuts and more. I remember mixing the powder milk in a glass of water when i was a kid. Mik-Mik is still available and for some reason they’re starting to gain popularity again after being featured in many shows like Buzzfeed and other local shows like Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho!P4070917

Health Benefits Of Yacon

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P4261560 Are you guys familiar with Yacon? Yacon is also known as Peruvian ground apple and is more commonly found in South America. This perennial plant can easily be identified by its small, yellow, daisy-like flowers surrounded by dark green leaves. The yacon plant produces two types of underground tubers. The first type consists of rhizomes that are red in colour and grow close to the surface. They are sometimes eaten but are mostly used for planting more yacon. The other type consists of brown colored tubers which are larger in size and the ones you want to eat.

Yacon can be considered a wonder fruit considering how much health benefits you can gain from it. Some of the health benefits of yacon include its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, lower “bad” cholesterol, help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, improve the health of the liver, prevent certain types of cancer, boost digestive health, and strengthen the immune system. For a diabetic like me, Yacon is sort of a great replacement for fruits that has high glycemic index. The reason that so many people around the world have begun to use yacon so often is its anti-hyperclycemic effects. The fructooligosaccharides in yacon mean that the body does not absorb any simple sugars; in fact, it lowers the amount of glucose production in the liver and causes a shift to lower fasting glucose rates.

Aside from its anti-hyperglycemic effects, Yacon is also known for having a high level of potassium relaxes blood vessels and reduces strain on the cardiovascular system which is good for people suffering from hypertention. It is also effective to lower down our cholesterol level, an effective weight loss aid and also good for digestion due to its probiotic contents. Some research even suggest that Yacon can prevent certain type of cancer and also an effective way to help your liver.

Yacon, however, is quite hard to find but you can often see some at malls including these Yacon from Dizon’s Farm that can be bought from SM supermarkets! For the taste, Yacon tastes like apple and yam.

Chicken With Broccoli

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Here comes one easy and quick recipe you can always prepare alone in no time. It’s Chicken with Broccoli so without any further ado, here are the following ingredients you need for this quick recipe.


  • Chicken strips cut into bite size pieces
  • Fresh Broccoli florets
  • Soy Sauce
  • Garlic (minced)
  • Onion (chopped)
  • vinegar
  • sugar
  • oil
  • water


Simply saute the garlic and the onion with oil and put the chicken meat. Stir fly until it is golden brown. Pour the soy sauce and the vinegar til it boils. Put the broccoli florets and Stir it for 5-7 minutes. Add a tablespoon of sugar to make it taste sweeter. Cook for another minute or two to thicken sauce. You can also substitute chicken with beef and it is best serve with white or brown rice

Last Day For Milyun Milyong Sarap Sa Tansan Promo!!

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It’s the last day for Coca-Cola’s “MILYUN-MILYONG SARAP SA TANSAN” promo, have you redeemed yours? If you look under the crown of selected Coca-Cola products, you may get a chance to win any of their instant prizes which you can redeem immediately in any 7-Eleven stores or selected outlets. There are three prizes to be found under the crown
1. PhP 5.0% OFF on 2.0L Coke –  You can exchange the crowns to any of the 7-Eleven stores. Redemption of PhP 5.0 OFF – One (1) 2.0 li Coke = One (1) PhP 5.0 OFF crown, consumer is not allowed to combine all PhP 5.00 OFF to get Free Coca-Cola Products.
2. FREE Slurpee 16oz – Can be exchanged to any 7-Eleven outlets

3. FREE Coke Mismo – This one can be exchanged to selected sari-sari stores or outlets. You can drop by and inquire  at Coca-Cola PH Facebook page to inform you about those registered outlets. Claiming of Coca-Cola instant prizes is from April 15 – June 15, 2015. Redemption until June 30 only. Claiming after this date will not be honored.

Pizza Pandesal

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P5081797t We had some left-over Pandesal early this morning and we just came up with an idea to transform them into a nice merienda by making “Pizza Pan Desal” My mom used to do this for us when we were kids and it has been a while since the last time we tried them.
P5081809t Ingredients :

  • Left-over Pandesal
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Quickmelt Cheese or just a simple cheese
  • Hotdog (sliced)

Simply cut the pandesal into half, spread the tomato sauce, grate the cheese on top and put a slice of hotdog on top. Baked it on your over toaster for 8 to 10 minutes and you’re done! Cheers!

Prepare Your Very Own Avocado Shake

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Summer is about to end and one of the delightful summer refreshments you can always prepare at home are fruit shakes. You can utilize any fruits you have in your fridge and turn them into a delicious smoothie. In my case, I always love Avocado and the best way to serve it aside from putting it on salad or eating it raw is by making a creamy shake from it. Allow me to show you how do we usually prepare our very own Avocado shake.
11216702_878967588844362_4483735604987329515_n Here are the ingredients you need:

  • Avocado fruit
  • All purpose cream
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Sugar
  • salt

11255451_878967592177695_1640848960754271266_n The preparation is very easy. All you need is to scoop out all the Avocado from the skin and place them all in a bowl.
11330049_878967778844343_3047358959457108188_n You can either use a spoon or a fruit scraper
11265258_878967742177680_6138362689309913371_n Once done, mix all the ingredients together on the mixing bowl. Put the all purpose cream, the milk and the sugar and sprinkle it with some drops of salt.
10687049_878967782177676_6143835751844618877_n Mix them thoroughly and then put it in the fridge for 1 hour or so or better yet, you can put cube ice to it!

Things You Should Do Before Travelling

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Do you love to travel? What’s the farthest place you feet have taken you? Of all the travels you had, which one is the most memorable and what are the other countries you would like to visit soon? Personally, I haven’t traveled that much for the past years but if I will, I make sure to make this trip remarkable and something that I cannot forget. Traveling, however, is not as easy as counting numbers because there are so many other things that you have to consider first before making journey possible. Listed below are some of the important things you should do before travelling.
 photo Travelling-man_zpszupwf6go.jpg
Decide Which Country Would You Like To Visit
If you decided to travel internationally, you must have the idea of what kind of country are you going to visit. Take note that each of them has their own rules and regulations that you should abide. It is also interesting to know their culture and tradition to give you an idea before hitting that place. Internet is such a great source of information that you can always rely on. Jot down some important notes from this country and use them as your guide. A travel blogger friend of mine told me that he plan his travel months ahead and would go online to do his research so that he is aware of the kind of places and attractions he can visit once he arrived there. for example is a perfect source of this kind of information. It’s a user-friendly search engine that will specifically show you events and other fun things yo do on a certain place. It can show you all the Things to do around USA and in other countries as well.

Consider Your Budget
You might have all the willingness to travel and the eagerness to visit all the possible places in that certain country but keep in mind that everything can be dictated by your budget. Thus, budget plays a crucial role in any travel. It will tell you which places can you visit and which places you cannot afford. It also tells you the kind of hotel you can stay whether you can afford a luxury one or just a budget hotel. But then, since you are planning this travel ahead, you sure have enough time to save money for this trip. On top of that, you can always search some affordable travel and tour packages online and book it ahead. Some of them includes free accommodation and tour guides to make your travel more stressful.

Plan Your Iterinary
Let us say, you decided to travel North America and upon doing research on Things to do in San Francisco or those fun Things to do in Boston, you probably got all the places, events and attractions on your list. However, if you didn’t plan your itinerary ahead of time, you might end up getting lost or you might end up traveling from one place to another in such great distances which only consumes not just a lot of your money but also your time. If you have planned your iterinary, you can group the places and minimize your travel and save more time.

Making Sure Of Your Safety and Security
Anything can go wrong in your travel and you must keep yourself prepare for any unexpected issues. You might face problems with immigration or anything alike so better bring a copy of your passport with you and leave another copy at home for back up. It is also important to register yourself with your embassy so that if anything went wrong in your country, the government can easily contact you.

Hope you find this article insightful! Thanks for dropping by

Prepare Your Very Own Halo-Halo

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Summer is nearly ending yet still getting so hot. Good thing you can always prepare something to refresh you. Halo-halo is a very easy snack/beverage to make and it doesn’t require any extensive cooking knowledge just to prepare it. There are ready-made ingredients available in the market and you can actually buy a small portion of them, enough for you and for your family for a very refreshing “merienda”.

Here are the following ingredients you need:

  • Sweetened Kidney Beans
  • Sweetened Red beans
  • Sweetened Banana (Saging Saba), diced
  • Cooked or boiled Sago (tapioca)
  • Unflavored gelatin
  • Swetened Camote (Sweet potatoes), diced
  • Sweetened Kaong (sweet palm)
  • Nata De Coco
  • Sweetened Garbanzo beans
  • Macapuno
  • Sweetened jackfruit (shred)
  • Purple Yam (Ube)
  • Leche flan
  • Rice krispies (pinipig)
  • Evaporated milk
  • sugar
  • Shaved ice


How to prepare Halo-halo:

Well, as what the term connotes, Halo-halo which means to mix, all you need is to mix all the ingredients together. Take a spoonful of each ingredient and put them all in a tall glass or a bowl. Top them all with the shave ice and put the toppings on (Ube, Leche flan and Jackfruit) and pour the milk and viola! You got your very own Halo halo! Cheers!

Get The Right Glasses For The Shape Of Your Face

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Did you know that there are only certain type of glasses that you can appropriately wear based on the shape of your head? Yes, if your main concern is the style, then this must be highly considered. Same thing is applicable for hats. They said that there are certain type of hats to be worn based on the shape of your face.  I just learned that there are four shapes of faces that people have regardless of their gender. It includes the heart shape, the oval, the square face and the round ones. My face belongs to an oval one and for someone who has this kind of shape, it is ideal to have a pair of glasses (prescription or not) that can add contrast to the face’s natural curves and in that case, they can make your face look thinner and a bit longer.

However, let us all keep in mind that style is not your top most priority especially for those who are wearing prescription glasses. It is more important to get the prescription glasses precisely because any mistakes can lead to a vision problem. Minor differences might cause blurry visions but if you really got the wrong one, it could only make things worst and might lead to vertigo or dizziness or it might worsen your vision too. It is very important to do a regular eye check up to keep your eyes healthy.

But then, I cannot blame you if you are still rooting for the style because I, myself is feeling the same way. I recently came across at and find myself overwhelmed with their wide range of glasses. As what the title of the site connotes, you can find a huge collection of highly affordable glasses on their site. They offer different glasses with different styles from old school to the trendy ones.  They even have glasses for sports or just for fashion statement. I personally got one of my glasses from them and I feel nothing but satisfaction. You may also want to drop by at their site to find more about their products and other interesting deals!

Printing Business

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When I was so active updating my other blogs, I remember having this annual blogging contest called “Blog Idol”. It is a music related contest in which I invite 12 bloggers to participate in a weekly competition. One or two bloggers will be eliminated each week based on their performances through voting system. It was a fun event with real prizes to receive. All of them will receive prizes and consolations and two of my favorite giveaways are the personalized mug and blog idol tees. I remember reaching out a printing shop to give them the details I want for my giveaways. I gave them the designs including the blog idol logos and they asked me for what kind of mug and Tshirt I want my designs to be applied.

 photo DSC_0000373_zpsd77083f1.jpg photo IMG1023A_zps287f8693.jpg
After giving them all the details, I was able to get the item  a day after! It was a quick service and I am very satisfied with it. I do not have any plans to bring this contest back which ended since 2012 but I am pretty much excited exploring the printing business and how exactly it works and what kind of benefits I could get from it in return if ever I started one for my own.  It is not really a bad idea at all and upon surfing the web, it is one of the most in demand business today in my country. I also searched how much capital I need and I was very surprised that it is smaller than I thought it would be.

A printing system is worth more or less 17,000 and it includes Heat press, Mug press and some consumables. It also includes training and some business planning too. The only challenge is where exactly you will be getting the consumables including the tshirts, the mugs and of course the ink. If you are going to establish a tshirt printing business, having an Epson L110 is ideal enough to start. However, make sure that it has Built-in CISS Continuous ink system. As for the ink, you can always rely on the internet sites like  where you can find high quality epson l110 tusze (epson L110 inks) in highly competitive price. They even offer free delivery when you buy more than 200.  They also got Loyalty programs which could be very beneficial for their beloved customers and more.  Well, that makes me so eager to start a printing business and you might consider this business too in the future.