Mom’s Special Day

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P5110064It was Mother’s Day a week ago and I’m sure you guys made your mom extremely special on that day. My brother and I decided to give my mom a very special treat for mother’s day. After she went to the church, all of us woke up early to prepare our gifts. We gave her a huge bouquet of roses and a cake and greet her a Happy Mother’s Day. A day after, we took her in her favorite salon and give her a nice makeover as well. Mother’s Day is not just about giving gifts. It is not just about the material you give and its value. It is all about your effort and time you offer. As their kids, we are responsible for bringing back the courtesy of all the things they’ve done for us.

This coming May 20, my mom and my dad will be celebrating their 25th anniversary and this is really something special. We’re planning to bring them both in a restaurant and gave them some nice treats and gifts. I found a magnetic bracelet online last night and I think my mom will definitely love this. As for my dad, i think i will buy him a new wallet. Well, we’re hoping to give them a blast!

Chow Pao

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Ever tried the Chowking Special Sausage? This special meal offered by Chowking (fast food restaurant)  is being offered in a very affordable price and if you are a frugal guy like me, having this meal is definitely a must but allow me to give my honest review about their so called “Chow Pao”. The meal is basically worth Php30 which is not bad at all but you might wish to have those add on veggies to make it more appetizing. Honestly , Chinese Sausage Special is not that special at all. It’s more like a combination of “Longganisa” and hotdog. Most of my Malaysian friends noted that it doesn’t look like a Chinese Sausage at all. Perhaps, Chowking is trying to change it in a more Filipino way. What i love about this meal is the soft bun with a cute CK logo on top
 photo DSC09571.jpg photo DSC09569.jpg

I went over to their site and discovered that apart from the Chinese Sausage Chow Pao, they are also offering Chunky Beef Chow Pao, and Braised Chicken Chow Pao.

Treats for my Dog

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Time is really running too fast and it seems like it was just yesterday when a cute little puppy was given to us (February 4, 2014 in particular). Technically, she is two months and seven days old since we took her and named her Chubby. She is really growing too fast and she can’t fit to her old bed before. We had to give her enough space outside so she can play freely.
 photo GEDC2402_zpsdf205b91.jpg
Chubby is just a mutt or we used to call it as aspins or askals here in my country. Despite of having no breed, these dogs are still trainable. They can make good sports dog due to their good endurance and agility. On top of that, they are less maintaining compare to some breed dogs like shihtzu and more. They are also notable for having good temper which makes them really suitable for kids. Chubby is a playful dog and she always made my day every time i got home from work. She is taking all my stress away and of course, i give her some cool treats in return. I used to bring her some Crazy Dog Train Me treats as a prize for her. It is also interesting to find out that there are some other great treats to be given for our dogs as listed in and it’s nice to see that her all-time fab Crazy Dog Train Me treat is included with the list. I might consider trying out the rest and see how much she will like them.

How To Make an Ice Candy

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You know what’s best to refresh yourself this freaking hot summer without spending much of your money? Well, you might consider preparing your very own Ice Candy!. Yes, we often see this sweet and refreshing treat being sold by different vendors roaming around the town or from a nearby sari sari store. Preparing creamy and yummy tasting Ice Candy is actually very easy and you can even prepare it with the help of your kids.
 photo icecandy_zps95a09061.jpg

All you need is to pick the flavor you desired. In this picture we decided to make a cheese flavor. To make these delightful treat, simply prepare one whole box of cheese, all purpose milk, sugar, and vanilla. Simply use a mixer or blender to mix the mashed or cubed cheese and the all purpose milk (you can use evaporated milk too) and sugar. Mix them all well and you might add some food color to make it more cheesy flavor put some salt too (it is a trick used to make your ice candy’s texture more like an ice cream). You can prepare fifty or more ice candy from this recipe. Put them in the fridge and tadah! you can now have an inexpensive yet delightful summer treat.

When Music and Technology Collides

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downloadDon’t you think that we should be very grateful that we have modern equipment nowadays that make things easier? In music, for example, we have lots of wonderful ways on how to share our masterpieces. We have the internet to share our works publicly and gain more attention and establish a solid fan base instantly. Some websites like YouTube, SoundCloud and more serve as a stepping stone in  most artists today.  We also have several handy apps that can be used using our mobile devices. The alesis io dock for example is a very cool device that allows you to combine all those apps together. This device allows you to use or connect all your audio gear to any of the related iPad Apps. These devices includes microphone, speakers, MIDI controllers and other instruments. It is a very interactive device indeed that most music enthusiasts will enjoy and I am eager to have one too.

My Own Healthy Sandwich

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One of my New Year’s Resolution this year is to lose some weight and I am pretty serious about it. I am not getting any younger and I better start establishing a healthy life style and I should start it by establishing a healthy diet. In fact, my meal for today is something that is guilt free. I tried making my own healthy salad and surprisingly I find it truly delightful.
 photo GEDC2308_zps06fa401c.jpg
It is very simply and easy to prepare. I got a pair of Gardenia’s Wheat bread, lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, and a ham and some dressing. I’m trying this no rice diet recently and I think i have to replace it something heavy yet healthy like this sandwich. It is full of fiber-rich food too that’s why it is so healthy for your digestion. Well, this is a good start for me so wish me luck!

Loving my Customized Mugs

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I used to organized some giveaways before in celebration of my blog’s anniversary not until I got so much busy with my work. Sad to say, my schedules are usually fully occupied and I do not have much time to do such stuff anymore. One of my most favorite prizes are the personalized mugs in which the recipient’s web page are printed to it along with my contest logo and I really find it so fascinating. One of my favorite type of customized mugs are the  so-called Magic mug. This is the type of mug where it changes its color whenever a hot water is placed to it.
 photo collage_zpsf958debd.jpgThe One Piece -inspired mug is my personal cup and as you can see I put my picture alongside with Monkey D Luffy and his crew. Now, I was thinking of organizing another contest soon as this blog will celebrate its 7th year and that sounds really special to me. I wonder if I can still have these mugs as my prizes too. I tried searching for some online shop yesterday and also found some cool customized mugs, bags, and usb here. This is going to be a fun contest indeed and I am crossing my fingers that i can do it successfully like what I did before. Cheers!

Visiting the Binondo Church

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After visiting the Quiapo Church, we went ahead to Ongpin but before exploring the  China Town, we stopped by first at one of the most notable churches in Manila ~ The Binondo Church. Binondo Church is also known as the Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish. It is located in the District of Binondo, Manila fronting Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz. Interestingly this church was founded by Dominican priests in 1596 to serve their Chinese converts to Christianity. Lorenzo Ruiz (the first Filipino saint) was first trained here before he went on a mission in Japan where he is being executed.
 photo 1001126_10202273446510878_1863379981_n_zpsd7fd8cb2.jpg

The church is currently being renovated outside but upon entering the church, I found the main altar and the entire interior truly fascinating. The original structure has sustained damages during wars and various natural disasters. The current granite church was completed on the same site in 1852 and features an octagonal bell tower which suggests the Chinese culture of the parishioners.

 photo 1795740_10202273439590705_1725496644_n_zps8e958a09.jpg photo 1000880_10202273445550854_804543014_n_zps3bf21ca0.jpg

New Guitar Stands

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Cheers! Finally, I was able to buy a pair of new guitar stands online and they just arrived yesterday. I have been aiming for this item for such a long time but I had a hard time finding it until a friend told me about a website and so I didn’t waste any opportunity and bought it right away. Here’s how they look and see how much space i was able to saved.
 photo GEDC2458_zps1e478618.jpg

Well,  it is not really a big deal and my top most priority of purchasing such item is to consume less space in my room. I got three guitars on my room right now and that doesn’t count the spaces consumed for my amplifiers and my keyboard as well. My mom is actually suggesting me to renovate the room to make the space even bigger or better yet use the spare room that we have downstairs. With these guitar stands, I no longer need to put the guitar into its case every time I’m done using them. I just hve to place them on top of the stand and let them stay there firmly. If I already have enough space at home, i guess i can start investing more with my instrument. I am planning to buy gibson les paul studio 60s tribute soon and I’m sure it would be nice to display it on my room along with my other guitars.

Visiting the Quiapo Church

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Few weeks ago, me and my friends went to Manila to visit two of its famous churches. We also grabbed that opportunity to visit Ongpin as they just celebrated their Chinese New Year. We went first to the famous Quiapo Church or also technically known as The Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (canonically known as Saint John the Baptist Parish and colloquially known as Quiapo Church)
 photo 1557593_10202273429230446_1769839182_n_zpsfd70c160.jpg
The basilica is famous home for the shrine of the Black Nazarene, a dark statue of Jesus Christ many faithfully claim to be miraculous. The parish is under the Archdiocese of Manila and its current rector is Rev. Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio.
 photo 1524158_10202273439390700_1402751195_o_zps5ac72657.jpg
The Franciscan Missionaries built the first church on the site, using bamboo for the frame and nipa palm as thatching. Saint Pedro Bautista, a Franciscan missionary and martyr, was one of the founders of the Quiapo Church and several other churches in what is now Metro Manila and Laguna. The original church burned down in 1639 and was replaced by a stronger edifice, which was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1863.

After attending the mass in Quiapo Church, we headed directly to the Binondo Church

(details on my next entry)